Events in Salaya – March



MUIC Music club presented ” Phoniac concert ”

A mini concert from Mahidol students that organised by students from MUIC music club. There will be a lot of famous music bands from international college and music college students. Shops and delicious food will be sold. If you want to know what this the real music, you shouldn’t miss this event. The door opens at 17.30 and first band starts at 18.00

Date & Time 15th March 2018

Location Under building , Mahidol University International College

Facebook MUIC Music Club



Music Theatre Mahidol University presented ” Into the Woods ”

If you don’t know what to do this weekend. I would like to recommend you to book the ticket and go watch this show. It’s a huge musical that played by students from Mahidol music theatre students. Into the Woods is a story wrote by brothers Grimm, they bring many people’s favorite storybook characters together.

Date & Time 22nd – 25th March 2018


Location Music Auditorium College of Music, Mahidol University

Facebook Music Theatre Mahidol University




Many people often think that medical students won’t have time to do other things a part from study. This event will delete those mindset as it is a concert organized by medical students from Siriraj hospital. Top medical school in Thailand.

Date & Time 23rd March 2018

Location NR Field Mahidol University, Salaya Campus

Facebook Hail Night 2018 Wondermore





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